Read All About it – Get Your Tooting Free Press Motherfuckers!

by Ridgwell Editorial Team



Fiends – you know what it’s like, you walk into your local newsagents to pick up a daily paper, check out the news stands and realise that every single rag is owned by Rupert – the bear- Murdoch or some other monied wanker. Depressed by this moribund state of journalistic affairs – you walk out empty handed – aside from the bottle of Dr Pepper you brought for re-hydration purposes after your nightly 15 cans of wifebeater. Well – lit fiends – your wait for a decent read whilst taking a massive beer shit is at long last OVER! That’s right – the latest edition of London’s finest redtop – THE TOOTING FREE PRESS – has just hit the streets of Old Smokey. Seek and ye shall find!

Of course to understand the Los Bravos link you have to get your soapy mitts on of a copy FREEP 3. Start maxing those credit cards!


Milk Race Fruits – On your marks, get ready, – chocks away! –

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