The Emperors Nose & Other Tales

My 3rd collection of short stories – The Emperors Nose & Other Tales – has just been published by East London Press. To purchase a copy go here – East London Press

The book is handmade and hardbound using superior paper and card. (See pic). Unlike most mainstream trade paperbacks, the corners will not curl up like an old sandwich, and the pages will not feel like cheap recycled tissue paper in your hands. Also you will notice there are no blurbs uglifying the back or front covers of this book. This was a mutual decision between myself and the publisher. If a book is splattered with blurb graffiti all testifying to how great the book is you can guarantee the book is shit.


The collection contains 10 of my finest stories – cosmic fiction. Here’s what the publisher has to say:

Ten cosmic short stories from a master at work – Joseph Ridgwell. Emperor’s Nose & Other Tales is a must have for any intrepid lit fiend and curious bibliophile. Hand-made and hand-bound, using superior paper and card, this beautiful book will look fabulous on any bookshelf or coffee table. In this mind-snapping collection, the discerning reader will encounter, kidnapped perfumer’s, corrupt medics, murderous ocean-going rapists, depraved gangs of cannibals, good time girls, man-eating monsters of the deep, billionaire island dwelling inventors, and an ill-fated immigrant land and sea crossing. Sandwiched between all this literary mayhem are more Ridgwell and Ronnie Perrot adventures, the heroes of Ridgwell’s cult classic – Burrito Deluxe – as they embark on an expedition to climb Mount Everest and kick start the infamous Carassius Racket.

This craft item is limited to an edition of 250 copies, with each copy including a signed postcard from the author, and an original drawing.


Milk Race addicts. Stay weird. Here’s another Super 8mm eyeball twister from my Top Gun room. One, two, three – Went to a dance, Looking for romance, Saw Barbara Ann
So I thought I’d take a chance….




Beat Scene 95


My essay – Trip Trap – appears in the latest edition of Beat Scene – 95. (see below)

Beat Scene 95 is now available and is being mailed out to subscribers over the next ten days through late November. Here’s a look at the cover featuring the beautiful artwork of Jonathan Collins who recently displayed his Beat inspired art at the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac in his hometown. Anyone interested in pre-ordering a copy get in touch at – copies are £8 in the UK, 15 Euros in Europe and $20 USA outside Europe



Burrito Deluxe – Endless Summer – Wolf Star – The Emperor’s Nose, Trip Trap & other lit shit…

Burrito DeluxeSummer’s over, the days are drawing in, the nights are cooler….Fuck that, think endless summer amigos, travelling the world from one hemisphere to another, always following the sun. Well, that’s what the hero of my cult novel is currently undertaking as we speak, some surfers tried the idea in the 60’s, but they failed. Maybe Ronnie will go one better, who knows. So what of Burrito Deluxe? The book has just been published as an ebook by – Endeavour Media  under their new cult novel and rock and roll memoirs imprint. Go here to purchase a copy – Burrito Deluxe . And if you want something hard – go here – Leamington Books

To celebrate this unusual event, a reading will be held at Sophie Parkins East End nightclub – vout -o-reenees in November of this year. Dates will be posted on this site in the next few weeks. So what else is happening? Plenty lit fiends. Wolf Star my 7th collection – is to be published by – Poems For All. Poems-For-All, best known as a publisher of pointlessly small books, goes LARGE! So what the fuck happened to my 6th collection – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel – I hear some screwball discerning reader ask?? Fuck knows, it was meant be published two years ago, but that, for reasons unknown, never happened. So it’s now officially a Lost Collection. Maybe it’ll come out after I’m dead, I’ll guess we’ll never know….

Mondo Ridgwell!

Ridgwell - Book - Wolf - cover - second proof 2

Anything else oh Great One? I hear some lonely speccy, spotty, hipster, with sleep-encrusted eyes, and a drool hanging from one corner of a skanky looking mouth, wallowing in some cock-roach infested shit pit in Skegness.

Of course there’s more you uncultured crones and layabouts. If there wasn’t much going on I wouldn’t bother coming on here and posting this shit. I’m not one to post pictures of my dinner, or my pet dog, or obscure photos that I’ve spent months trawling the internet so as to entertain you cretins, gratis. Life is too fucking short! No, when I blog, I blog large. Coming soon from those hip fuckers at East London Press is my 3rd collection of short stories – The Emperor’s Nose & Other Tales, which even if I say so myself is my finest collection of shorts to date, maybe even better than my cult favourite – Ridgwell Stories.

Cover Final Grey


Keep it coming Ridgwell, said the jester to the clown… My first essay will appear in the latest issue of the legendary Beat Scene. It’ll appear as a two page spread in Beat Scene 94, which is devoted entirely to the King of the Beats – Jack Kerouac – to celebrate 50 years of his untimely passing. The essay focuses on Trip Trap, Kerouac’s road trip taken with Lew Welch and Albert Saijo way back in 1959.


And there’s more fuckers, more, more, more, far more, far, far more…..Actually there isn’t, that’s it. I was lying, telling a porkie pie, something I rarely ever do….

Milk Race Fanatics. Stay perverted. You’ve waited weeks, months, and your lonely vigil has not be in vain. For verily, feast your craven optics on this Super 8mm amazeball wonderstuff blow-up! Una dos tres – Anna, you come and ask me girl, to set you free girl….


Lost Elation, Brussels, Radio Panik, Ibiza and much much more…

Okay, Lit Fiends, gather round and listen in. Let me tell you all about my recent trip to the European mainland, to celebrate the publication of my latest book of poesy! I flew there on Friday morning, ate some fries with mayonnaise, a meatball the size of a cannonball, and downed five hundred Belgium beers.


This was how I was greeted at the airpot VIP style.


From the airport I was chauffeur driven to Brussels where I appeared on Belgium radio – click link below to listen to the interview – and then read at three different locations. I also stayed in a quirky loft apartment that had a glass floor, which after several Belgium beers, was a little unnerving! I have to say everyone I met was incredibly friendly and made me me feel like Brussels was home from home. Towards the end I even got used to the fact that Belgium men kiss each other when they meet, on the one cheek only. Anything else would be an extravagance! I also got to see the Grand Place and the little pissing boy. And also discovered there is a little pissing girl!

Many thanks must go to Tom Buron, who translated my poems, and Vincent and Cel for publishing them. Salut gentlemen and until June!

Now check out the beautiful book and then buy a copy!



You can purchase this beautiful book of poems by contacting Vincent at Angle Mort Editions direct

The French Connection, Brussels Literary Mafia, & Señor Ridgwell

Radio Panik


And there’s more. My short-story – Ibiza – has just been published by East London Press. Check the pics, but this is one beautiful book guaranteed to enhance any Lit Fiends bookshelf. Set in the White island’s hedonistic haven of Sant Antoni, it features the heroes of my road novel Burrito Deluxe as they struggle to survive the glamorous perils of an early 1990’s Balearic summer.  It’s got booze, beaches, a babe, police brutality, narcotics, nightclubs, and a gut-wrenching tale of two ill-fated toothbrushes. All I may add is do not read while you are eating or drinking. To get your sordid mitts on a copy hit the link beneath the pic and start pumping those paypal buttons. (actually don’t bother, an act of futility – see below.)


*I’ve just received news from the publisher that Ibiza sold out in less than 48hrs, which must be some kind of small press record. Thanks to everyone who brought a copy, and to those sad and woebegone hipsters who missed out, like the old bard once said – the early bird do indeed cacheth de worm!


East London Press

Milk Race Avids – feast your debauched optics on this Super 8mm brain cruncher. One two, one two, oh to live on Sugar Mountain. With the barkers and the colored balloons
You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon


Where were you in 92? Coming soon…



San Antonio, Ibiza, the White Island, 1992, before it became a corporate nightmare.  More adventures from Ronnie and Ridgwell the heroes of Burrito Deluxe. This will be a hand-bound, hand sewn, letterpressed craft item, limited to an edition of 50 copies, and coming soon, very soon lit fiends. Stay hip for more details as and when…

Milk Race Fans – use your imaginations for once, why don’t cha, you sad little wankers?



Coming Soon…

lush elation

angle mort editions

Milk Race Fanatics – stay sane – uni dos tres cuatro – went down to the casino, try my hand at the dice, the croupier she was called Amanda and a she give me some good advice…


Chiron Review Summer/Fall 2018


Three of my poems are featured in the latest Summer/Fall edition of the Chiron Review. The poems are taken from my forthcoming collection of poetry – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel. (see pic below). The poems are – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel, Go Ophelia Go and Ghost. This is a double edition of the Chiron, featuring some great poets, inc the fab John Dorsey.

To purchase a copy go here: Chiron Review

Now, although I rarely watch the news or follow current affairs – I much prefer to spend my time watching old re-runs of Happy Days – it has come to my attention that Britain might be about to leave the EU. Well that may be the case, but as we leave Europe I’m going into Europe, and will be headlining at a reading at a nightclub in Brussels Belgium on the 26/27th April 2019. More details as and when or even if I can be bothered to update you fannies. Anyway, there will be two events to celebrate another book of poetry -LOST ELATION9 POEMES DE L’EXALTATION PERDUE- that will be published by these forward thinking individuals – Angle Mort Editions



Milk Race Fans. Stay Sane. I’ve still got some Super 8mm action in the vaults. Una dos tres – puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honahlee…
lady on chair