End of Year Lit Fiend Shindig – Not to be Missed!

by Ridgwell Editorial Team


ELP Book Party *
Get your dancing shoes on lit fiends – for an end of year shindig is going down is East London that promises to be as groovy as an Englebert Humperdinck sideburn. That’s right its an East London Press book party to celebrate the publication of the PUSH magazine anthology. Now, I know what you’re thinking in your little roach infested bedsit in Queens Park – Come off it Ridgwell those book launches are ten a penny, hundreds held each and every week in Old Smokey – who gives a shit? It’ll be cheap rot gut wine, brain dead readers, badly dressed examples of the human race, and some strange people. Well get this fiends – this mother will be held in the Private Members Bar of the Stow’s Orford House Social Club. That’s right the big cream building in Orford Road that all the trendy pricks with no ties to the area would like to turn into luxury future slums for rat race fruits. Of course, while I live and breathe that shit will never happen – for verily it was me who landed the gig for the ELP. Rumour on the lit vine is that all your favs of the PUSH mag and some notable others – who for legal reasons I cannot name, will be in attendance on the night. Alright, now be there or be square.

Now, now milk race avids – stop frothing at the mouth – for here it is – some more 8MM gold. Start fracking!