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the blackheath counter cultural review…

Learned lit fiends and assorted bat-faced bibliophiles – gather round and listen in. The blackheath counter-cultural review has finally hit our shores – and yes the long lonely moonlit wait was worth it! All things counter-culture are contained within this beautiful book – from ruminations on the Frankfurt Book Fair, a poem in Welsh, Broadsides, Zine Scenes – to a Tsunami in the Orient. The book is littered with references to the original 1960’s counter-culture, but it’s heart and soul are firmly entrenched in today’s cultural & political wilderness. Anyone who is anyone on Albion’s underground lit scene are featured and so it is a must have publication to adorn any serious lit fiend’s dusty bookshelf. There’s even a definitive definition of the phrase I coined – Lit Fiend – worth the price of the book alone. So now to the big Question – where can a fiend get their stumpy hands on a copy? And the answer as usual is fucked if I know – all I know is that I’ve already obtained a copy via the usual underground sources so I’m alright Jack. As for the rest of you sorry bunch of cardigan wearing, absinthe slurping, beard growing, crazy screwballs – its a case of seek and ye shall find – one day – maybe this year, maybe next, hard to tell you see…

In the meantime here’s a photo of the cover of the book just in case any of you fruits thought I might be bullshitting. Just remember I never bullshit, although I do shit.


Milk Race fans control yourself – I’m here for ya.  Take a deep breath and then get a butcher’s at this Super 8mm eye-bulger. One, two, three – here we go round the mulberry bush…


you either are or you ain’t!



courtesy of martin appleby… – paper and ink

Lit fiend mail continued…

Feast your eyes lit fiends and then start maxing those gold credit cards…


kilmog press


Milk Race fanatics – wait for it, wait for it – start fracking!


Lit Fiend Interview


Fiends, check out an interview with myself at Martin Appleby’s In Pursuit of Expression blog. I can smell it in the air -revolution brothers – now read on and be freaked!

lit fiend interview


And remember to put Friday 26th Sept in your lit fiend diaries. (see flyer below)


Milk Race fans – use the Carol White pic above to race with your mates as I can’t be arsed to post an 8mm special for you screwball randy goats.