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Lit Fiend Mail Continued…

20160823_115214Long ago and far away… That’s how it seems anyway, my days, years, spent in Kings Cross, Sydney NSW. All those streets I walked not so long ago… Anyway, after a few weeks respite, Dave the Postie once again arrived at the door of Ranchlette Ridgwell grumbling all the way…

‘More books Ridgwell, always books.’

‘Better than bills.’

‘I could get a slipped disc.’

‘Six months off on full pay, you’ll be laughing.’

Strangely Dave didn’t laugh at that, no sense of humour, but he did hand over several packages. And yes, as you marinate in your lonely wood louse infested bedsits, you’ve guessed it my fellow bibliophiles – more lit fiend mail.

This time, the third and final instalment of my novel – The Cross – arrived courtesy of Martin Appleby’s Paper and Ink Magazine and obtainable by clicking on this link – The Cross Part 3. I know fiends have been waiting for this mother to arrive on their doormat with thee old baited breath. And will it let them down, will it fuck! Adorned with classic Cross photography by Abbie Foxton part 3 finds the walls closing in on the three main characters and as the end of the century approaches Kings Cross is about to witness events that will change the glittering half mile forever! Just remember that the Cross is a state of mind!!

Next up Miss Urchin Belle’s – The Sunlight Pilgrims – follow up to her debut smash – The Panopticon – word on the lit vine is that shooting of the Panopticon is due to start within weeks! See stop press for further details. The SP’s is a disaster catastrophe end of the world identity-crisis combo, with all of the Belle’s trademark literary stye and verve – dealing with both the ugly and the beautiful in this world. Some hack referred to the book as possibly belonging to a genre known as Cli-Fi! No disrespect to the hack, but Cli-Fi sounds too close to Clit-Fi. What is it with these numptys, always having to pigeon hole shit. Lord give me the strength! Anyway the book is a killer and available from all good book stores. Pick up a copy el pronto is my advice!


And last but not least. PUSH 22! Now, it doesn’t seem so long ago that PUSH head honcho Joe England called me and told me that he was thinking about putting a literary magazine together. I told him to stop talking about it and just do it, and the rest as they say is history. PUSH 22 is about as good as it gets, with some excellent poetry and fiction and a fascinating interview withMatt Johnson of The The. To purchase a copy, and you’ll need to start pumping those paypal buttons like a fiend possessed as those mothers sell out faster than you can squish another woodlice – go here – PUSH 22

Just one more thing lit fiends, word on the vine is that I’ll be reading at an event in September. (See poster for details) And see the fake book page. Absinthe & Anarchy You all know I hate readings, the sound of my own voice truly can freak me at any given moment, but every now and then I put on my smoking jacket and hit the road…


And of course, my dear little tug boat ultras. Would I ever forget you darling wankers. No way Jose. Check out this Super 8mm stunner from the Top Gun Room. One, two, three, when you go down to the woods today…


Lit Fiend Mail Continued – The Cross Part 2

Cometh the hour, cometh the Postie!

Lit Fiend mail – don’t ya just love it!

Today Señor Sid the Mailman thrust – The Cross Part Two – through the door of Ranchlette Ridgwell without any due care and attention for the contents of the package. Royal Mail will be duly informed. The Cross Part 2 has just been published by Martin Appleby at Paper and Ink. The 2nd instalment in a three part series and which all you screwball lit fiends have been waiting for with baited breath while you squander the hours in cockroach infested bedsits all over the world! Well, it’s here and damned good it looks too. To order a copy – and be quick about it as there are only 50 copies in existence – go here:

The Cross Part 2

And it all started with Last Days of the Cross – seen here on the left. The Cross of course is long gone. Cleaned up and gentrified by a bunch of wealthy yet at the same time spiritually dead people. So even as I write these words – The Cross is a museum piece – a pean to a place and people that are – alas – no more. Some of them are even dead. It’s so long ago now that sometimes – in my darkest hours – I wonder if any of the events portrayed in the books took place and if I ever went to Australia. This is what happens when you set out to fictionalise your entire life – the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur. Lit Fiends seeking to embark on a similar literary transportation – be warned – some of you might not make it back!



Milk Race Avids – get behind the eight ball and feast your internet porn jaded optics on this 1970’s joystick! And no the pic isn’t fuzzy if that’s what you were thinking. You know what they say about bashing the bishop other than on your birthday! Maybe, just maybe, it’s time you sought professional help you sneaky bunch of wankers.



Lit Fiend Mail continued…


Issue 6 of paper and ink zine just landed at Ranchlette Ridgwell. Interesting line-up of old and new, established and up & coming. Click on the link below to get your latest cult fiction fix.

paper and ink zine

you either are or you ain’t!



courtesy of martin appleby… – paper and ink

Lit Fiend Interview


Fiends, check out an interview with myself at Martin Appleby’s In Pursuit of Expression blog. I can smell it in the air -revolution brothers – now read on and be freaked!

lit fiend interview


And remember to put Friday 26th Sept in your lit fiend diaries. (see flyer below)


Milk Race fans – use the Carol White pic above to race with your mates as I can’t be arsed to post an 8mm special for you screwball randy goats.

Lit Fiend Mail

lit fiend mail 5


Lit fiend mail – there’s nothing like it  to illuminate a sad hung over morn- and this week the eagerly anticipated PUSH 12 landed on my doormat along with another lit zine emanating from the same fiendish literary source – the aptly titled Paper & Ink – the creation of a one Martin Appleby. Along with these literary delights was a musical anthology by the late, great Kate Wolf. I won’t say much more about the heavenly Ms Wolf – for as with PUSH and Paper & Ink you’re either in the know or in the dark like a mushroom!

PUSH 12 Ode

PUSH 12 is another barnstormer with a truly erudite and utterly enthralling in-depth interview with Football Factory author John King. The interview alone is worth the modest price of this brilliant zine. John King is also a partner – along with fellow author Martin Knight of the ultra vital LONDON BOOKS. If head honcho of PUSH Joe England carries on in this dynamic fashion he’ll surely be heading for an MBE for services to sold on the street literature.


Ok – that’s enough from me here in El Scorchio Scotland – and, now hold on, easy, easy milk race devotee’s – here it is: