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Lit Fiend Mail – London Books


As it is fast approaching festival season me and my fellow lit fiend – Joe England – Editor of the hugely successful PUSH magazine – were wondering why there wasn’t any literature on the subject. He asked me if I’d ever written a festival story or book and I had to confess that I’d never been to a festival in my life. As he has been to bundles I asked why he hadn’t written anything on the subject and he said although he had been to a fair few over the years he couldn’t remember anything about them. I’m not sure why that is, but there you go. Anyway – Bluebagger’s ears must been burning like Michael Jackson’s wet look afro on the Pepsi commercial – and verily the next day Dave the postie lobbed an entire novel based on that mother of all festivals – Glastonbury -through the letter box of Ranchlette Ridgwell!!  Actually Dave didn’t post the novel through the door as it was accompanied by another LONDON BOOKS classic – It Always Rains on Sundays by Arthur La Bern. No the cheeky fucker just left it on the doormat outside for any opportunist lit fiend to snatch. I’ll ave words with him later no doubt. I wouldn’t mind, but I was in at the time. I have not read either book, but you can be certain they will be brilliant in their own ways. The La Bern novel has an excellent and highly informative introduction by Cathi Unsworth and Ultraviolet A Glastonbury Tale a recommendation by none other than Quadrophenia legend Phil Daniels. Anyway I’d check out both of these latest publications from the ever reliable London Books:


P.S Apologies for the quality of the pic, the other book partially obscured by flashlight is May Day by John Sommerfield another London Classic to add to the bookshelf el pronto!

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Dancing cat

Lit Fiend Interview


Fiends, check out an interview with myself at Martin Appleby’s In Pursuit of Expression blog. I can smell it in the air -revolution brothers – now read on and be freaked!

lit fiend interview


And remember to put Friday 26th Sept in your lit fiend diaries. (see flyer below)


Milk Race fans – use the Carol White pic above to race with your mates as I can’t be arsed to post an 8mm special for you screwball randy goats.

Lit Fiend Mail

lit fiend mail 5


Lit fiend mail – there’s nothing like it  to illuminate a sad hung over morn- and this week the eagerly anticipated PUSH 12 landed on my doormat along with another lit zine emanating from the same fiendish literary source – the aptly titled Paper & Ink – the creation of a one Martin Appleby. Along with these literary delights was a musical anthology by the late, great Kate Wolf. I won’t say much more about the heavenly Ms Wolf – for as with PUSH and Paper & Ink you’re either in the know or in the dark like a mushroom!

PUSH 12 Ode

PUSH 12 is another barnstormer with a truly erudite and utterly enthralling in-depth interview with Football Factory author John King. The interview alone is worth the modest price of this brilliant zine. John King is also a partner – along with fellow author Martin Knight of the ultra vital LONDON BOOKS. If head honcho of PUSH Joe England carries on in this dynamic fashion he’ll surely be heading for an MBE for services to sold on the street literature.


Ok – that’s enough from me here in El Scorchio Scotland – and, now hold on, easy, easy milk race devotee’s – here it is:


London Books – Edward Jago

– In this post I introduce my alter-ego Edward Jago for the very first time…

Aloha fellow lit fiends, my name’s Edward Jago and I’m Europe’s number 1 Lit Fiend. Well fiends – you know how it is – you go to a bookshop looking for some groovy underground literature to illuminate the long evenings when you decide to give your local boozer a swerve and much to your chagrin Dave the owner has got nothing to suit your peculiarly esoteric and sordid tastes. What the fuck are you going to do? If you don’t get your hands on some quality literature you’ll likely to go stark raving bonkers! You implore Dave to sort things out, but he just shrugs his shoulders and makes another cup of tea.


– Got the latest Ridgwell? he suggests laconically.

You look at Dave like his head has just sprouted a hundred new noses. – Are you on drugs – I’ve read every single publication under that mother’s name.

– Even A Child of the Jago?


– Paid top dollar for a limited editon signed copy – even changed my surname by deed poll in recognition of how much I adore that incredible book. The slim tome is like a bible to me.

– Be patient Jago – the King of the Undergound is sure to have something else out soon.

– Be patient? – don’t test me Dave, you and I both know it could be months before anyone gets their hands on another Ridgwell classic.

Dave eyes narrowed to mere slits – There is one place that could satisfy all your lit fiends needs and strange reading desires.

– There is?


– Heard of London Books?

– Never

– Then you’re in luck fiend

– Give me the low down


LONDON BOOKS is an independent publisher which aims to bring old and new fiction together in a tradition that is original in its subject matter, style and social concerns. They believe that the marginalised fiction of the past can be as relevant and exciting today as when it was first published, and their classic reprints reflect the language and politics of tougher eras, while their new fiction focus’s on emerging authors with something to say and a novel way of getting their messages across.

– Holy Mary Mother of God!

-What ya waiting for, every book on the site is lit fiend gold dust – Curtis, Kersch, Westerby, Knight, King and bundles more – so get maxing those credit cards – how many d’ya want?

‘I want all of them – every single fucking one – ah God all my Christmas’s have come at once!


So fiends – there you have it – London Books – go there right now and start ordering a plenty or continue to read shitty books by dull authors that make you depressed.

Word on thee old lit vine is that London Books will shortly re-issue A Child of the Jago by Arthur Morrisson – yes that’s right the lost East London classic that inspired Ridgwell’s latest collection of poetry and where he nicked his title from.

Edward Jago

Edinburgh May 2014

Ah fuck it – here ya go milk race freaks: