Lit Fiend Mail Continued…

20160823_115214Long ago and far away… That’s how it seems anyway, my days, years, spent in Kings Cross, Sydney NSW. All those streets I walked not so long ago… Anyway, after a few weeks respite, Dave the Postie once again arrived at the door of Ranchlette Ridgwell grumbling all the way…

‘More books Ridgwell, always books.’

‘Better than bills.’

‘I could get a slipped disc.’

‘Six months off on full pay, you’ll be laughing.’

Strangely Dave didn’t laugh at that, no sense of humour, but he did hand over several packages. And yes, as you marinate in your lonely wood louse infested bedsits, you’ve guessed it my fellow bibliophiles – more lit fiend mail.

This time, the third and final instalment of my novel – The Cross – arrived courtesy of Martin Appleby’s Paper and Ink Magazine and obtainable by clicking on this link – The Cross Part 3. I know fiends have been waiting for this mother to arrive on their doormat with thee old baited breath. And will it let them down, will it fuck! Adorned with classic Cross photography by Abbie Foxton part 3 finds the walls closing in on the three main characters and as the end of the century approaches Kings Cross is about to witness events that will change the glittering half mile forever! Just remember that the Cross is a state of mind!!

Next up Miss Urchin Belle’s – The Sunlight Pilgrims – follow up to her debut smash – The Panopticon – word on the lit vine is that shooting of the Panopticon is due to start within weeks! See stop press for further details. The SP’s is a disaster catastrophe end of the world identity-crisis combo, with all of the Belle’s trademark literary stye and verve – dealing with both the ugly and the beautiful in this world. Some hack referred to the book as possibly belonging to a genre known as Cli-Fi! No disrespect to the hack, but Cli-Fi sounds too close to Clit-Fi. What is it with these numptys, always having to pigeon hole shit. Lord give me the strength! Anyway the book is a killer and available from all good book stores. Pick up a copy el pronto is my advice!


And last but not least. PUSH 22! Now, it doesn’t seem so long ago that PUSH head honcho Joe England called me and told me that he was thinking about putting a literary magazine together. I told him to stop talking about it and just do it, and the rest as they say is history. PUSH 22 is about as good as it gets, with some excellent poetry and fiction and a fascinating interview withMatt Johnson of The The. To purchase a copy, and you’ll need to start pumping those paypal buttons like a fiend possessed as those mothers sell out faster than you can squish another woodlice – go here – PUSH 22

Just one more thing lit fiends, word on the vine is that I’ll be reading at an event in September. (See poster for details) And see the fake book page. Absinthe & Anarchy You all know I hate readings, the sound of my own voice truly can freak me at any given moment, but every now and then I put on my smoking jacket and hit the road…


And of course, my dear little tug boat ultras. Would I ever forget you darling wankers. No way Jose. Check out this Super 8mm stunner from the Top Gun Room. One, two, three, when you go down to the woods today…


The Festival of Darkness

Lit Fiends and those languishing in bedsitter land gather round – the festival of darkness is upon us – and so what to do on these short grey days and long dark dreary nights. That’s right, nestle round a roaring fire, bottle of vino in hand and tuck into –

Push 19 and possibly the best yet…

P1000711 P1000710 P1000709


And if you do decide to venture out on one of those wintry and woebegone nights – make it Saturday 19th December and get down to Sophie Parkin’s private members club in East London. Meet the elusive HP Tinker in person and hear me read from Burrito Deluxe and Ridgwell stories for the 1st time ever in the Capital. See link for details –

vout -o-reenees

Peter Burrito yellow 6

Ridgwell Stories

Milk Race radicals and tugboat partisans. Check out this dramatic piece of old stag movie footage. Pure Super 8mm gold dust. One, two, three – if you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today you wouldn’t believe your mince pies…


NB: The phrase- The Festival of Darkness – was coined by Craig Gibson and featured in the 2004 edition of Edinburgh’s One O’Clock Gun. Auld Reekie’s finest and only free literary magazine.



Verbal, Peyote Visions, Handjob Book Party & with Regards to Light…


So summer is nearly over, what summer there was, which wasn’t much. But that’s what being British is all about. And living in hot countries ain’t all it’s cracked up to be and I should know as I’ve lived in more than my fair share. Think tropical diseases, malaria, dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, and the dreaded jumping spider plague. Add to that unsanitary conditions, weird food, communication barriers, xenophobia and living in Swindon might not be as bad as it sounds.

So get ready for winter lit fiends coz you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds blowing. Anyway I relish the short days and dark nights, where a pub with it’s yellow lights indicative of warmth and shelter are always a welcoming sight for any lonesome traveller looking for respite from the elements.

And winter is a good time to stock up on reading material. Lifestyle magazines always spout on about best beach reads, but no one really reads on the beach. The beach is just not a good place to read, unlike snuggled next to a roaring fire with a glass in hand in the middle of December.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that some of my publications are too expensive – nay even elitist. Could be true or might be that some of you are tightwads. Whatever – if you are looking for an inexpensive read that features some of my writings then look no further. The latest edition of Verbal is out now, which includes work by myself, Michael Keenaghan, Joe England, Martin Knight & Irvine Welsh amongst others. And when I say something is good then you know it’s good and at £2 a pop, you’d be a mug not to get your sordid hands on a copy. Then there is John Morrisons – With Regards to Light & Dark – another zine that has appeared out of nowhere and which features a short story of mine. Click on the links below to sort yourself out.

In Regard to Light and Dark

London Books

Fancy some lit fiend entertainment this October then get yourself to Nottingham, England’s renaissance town. See poster below and start booking train and hotel tickets.

Hand Job 9

Last but not least – on a recent trip home I unearthed a publication that I’d presumed lost for 18 years. With my novel Burrito Deluxe days from publication it was a weirdie experience that it turned up now, but it did and so It’s time to get cultivating…


Milk Race Fanatics – stop shagging that grapefruit and check out this Super 8mm knee trembler…


Lit Fiend Mail – London Books


As it is fast approaching festival season me and my fellow lit fiend – Joe England – Editor of the hugely successful PUSH magazine – were wondering why there wasn’t any literature on the subject. He asked me if I’d ever written a festival story or book and I had to confess that I’d never been to a festival in my life. As he has been to bundles I asked why he hadn’t written anything on the subject and he said although he had been to a fair few over the years he couldn’t remember anything about them. I’m not sure why that is, but there you go. Anyway – Bluebagger’s ears must been burning like Michael Jackson’s wet look afro on the Pepsi commercial – and verily the next day Dave the postie lobbed an entire novel based on that mother of all festivals – Glastonbury -through the letter box of Ranchlette Ridgwell!!  Actually Dave didn’t post the novel through the door as it was accompanied by another LONDON BOOKS classic – It Always Rains on Sundays by Arthur La Bern. No the cheeky fucker just left it on the doormat outside for any opportunist lit fiend to snatch. I’ll ave words with him later no doubt. I wouldn’t mind, but I was in at the time. I have not read either book, but you can be certain they will be brilliant in their own ways. The La Bern novel has an excellent and highly informative introduction by Cathi Unsworth and Ultraviolet A Glastonbury Tale a recommendation by none other than Quadrophenia legend Phil Daniels. Anyway I’d check out both of these latest publications from the ever reliable London Books:

P.S Apologies for the quality of the pic, the other book partially obscured by flashlight is May Day by John Sommerfield another London Classic to add to the bookshelf el pronto!

Milk Race Fans – stay cool – would I ever desert you wankers? Check out this visceral Super 8mm stunner. (and I don’t mean the pussycat)

Dancing cat

PUSH – The Future of Working Class Literature


Fiends – PUSH – The Best of the First Ten Issues – has arrived literally on my doorstep. Word on the lit vine is that this mother is selling faster than the recent re-release of the legendary Confessions of a Window Cleaner starring Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando & Dandy Nicholls.

But forget the fact that it will probably end up as the biggest selling anthology of all time focus more on the game changing introduction by John King. (Football Factory, White Trash etc). This mind-expanding cataclysm of a forward, which is worth the price of the excellent book alone, is a literary call to arms. And I quote –

‘In the 1990s, most British fiction was seen as belonging to the middle and upper classes. The situation is far worse today.’

How can this be – how is it that we – as a nation – have gone backwards?


Well, we have and the evidence is all around – from the posionous political landscape – vapid gentrification – legions of middle class families with no culture or community – to zero hour working contracts. And this is why PUSH is so refreshing. Fuck everyone and do it yourself – and despite all odds – succeed. In the same way that PUNK was refreshing for a moribund music industry – PUSH has the potential to do exactly the same for a bloated and catatonic mainstream publishing industry, although with one piquant differential. Punk – as an underground rock movement consisted primarily of middle-class youths rejecting middle-class values. In PUSH you have a collection of working-class writers & artists rejecting absolutly fucking everything.

And to quote the magnificent John King Forward one more time:

‘If someone asked me where a future Gerald Kersh, Alan Sillitoe or Irvine Welsh might be found, I would tell them to buy a copy of PUSH.’

With such a cast iron endorsement PUSH as a literary phenomenon can – to put it bluntly – no longer be ignored. Think Dada – minus the wealthy playboys. The word is out on the street fellaheens – you’re either with this nascent modern literary movement or simply out of time.

To buy a copy of PUSH – The Best of the First Ten Issues go here:

And so – as you waste your life in your lonely bedsit in Kilburn wondering maybe even fixating how you can hustle a little PUSH action – stop switching. Your first port of call is the PUSH Book Party. This promises to be one of those once in a generation events where people – decades later – swear they were at – even if they were over six thousand miles away or worse not even born! So get thee to Orford House, Walthamstow on Saturday 6th December – and get hip.

ELP Book Party *

Milk Race Fans – despite all the PUSH excitement – I never, ever, neglect you little wankers. Check out this 8MM screwball!


End of Year Lit Fiend Shindig – Not to be Missed!


ELP Book Party *
Get your dancing shoes on lit fiends – for an end of year shindig is going down is East London that promises to be as groovy as an Englebert Humperdinck sideburn. That’s right its an East London Press book party to celebrate the publication of the PUSH magazine anthology. Now, I know what you’re thinking in your little roach infested bedsit in Queens Park – Come off it Ridgwell those book launches are ten a penny, hundreds held each and every week in Old Smokey – who gives a shit? It’ll be cheap rot gut wine, brain dead readers, badly dressed examples of the human race, and some strange people. Well get this fiends – this mother will be held in the Private Members Bar of the Stow’s Orford House Social Club. That’s right the big cream building in Orford Road that all the trendy pricks with no ties to the area would like to turn into luxury future slums for rat race fruits. Of course, while I live and breathe that shit will never happen – for verily it was me who landed the gig for the ELP. Rumour on the lit vine is that all your favs of the PUSH mag and some notable others – who for legal reasons I cannot name, will be in attendance on the night. Alright, now be there or be square.

Now, now milk race avids – stop frothing at the mouth – for here it is – some more 8MM gold. Start fracking!


18 Years in the Making – Lit Vine Singing Like Billie Holiday on Acid

Fellow Lit fiends – time marches on – and time waits for no man or woman or any creature of the animal kingdom. So, those on the margins wait a while – see what’s on the scene and then make their move. 18 years ago I had an idea to write a road novel – an anti modern life novel – based on an experience I had whilst travelling through Mexico. The idea was not original, but relevant – and today even more so. It’s time to disconnect.


Excerpt from the long awaited Burrito Deluxe – the words of which will self-destruct in less than 48 hours. 

‘There are other ways of living, other means of survival. We’ll find a remote stretch of coast, build a hut to live in, fish the sea, grow organic food, vegetables, write poetry, cultivate a herb garden.’
‘Shit, you sound like an old hippy.’
‘Maybe they had the right idea. Look at modern life, it brutalises and then clinically destroys. And everybody unhappy, stuck in the rat race, wage slaves, suckers one and all. What do they do, I mean look at how they live? Commuting underground in conditions not fit for livestock or stuck in endless traffic. Imprisoned in sweaty offices breathing re-cycled air, wired up to computers, staring at screens, surfing the web, pissing their time away on social networks, pawns for the marketing men and advertisers, consuming mountains of shit they don’t and will never need. The tide is turning brother.’
‘And just what direction is the tide turning?’
‘In the direction of absolute freedom. It’s time to switch off the computers, disconnection is imminent.’
‘Disconnection is imminent?’
‘I’m no longer prepared to be a pawn in their sick game. I’m gonna return to the land and the earth, where my forefathers came from. All that electronic gadgetry we’re supposed to own – it means zero to me. I’ll kiss goodbye to all that shit – live the simple life and choose my own way, with no one telling me what to do and when to do it. I’ll be free brother.’
‘Pure idealism.’
Ronnie folded his arms across his skinny chest, craned his neck forward, and peered into the falls.
‘So you say, but one thing is certain, I’m never going home and you’re either with me or against me.’
And what about me, did I want to go home? Did I want to disconnect? Maybe Ronnie was right, maybe we could survive in Mexico, maybe we could live off the fat of the land. Maybe we could survive without technology. Maybe we could.
‘I’m with ya.’

Beach of the Dead 96

Burrito Deluxe will be published by Leamington Books in June 2015. Until then stay connected.


Other news on the lit vine and there’s plenty of it  for verily that mother is singing like Billie Holiday on acid- is that the PUSH anthology is close to becoming a reality. East London Press have got on the case and mean business. Check out their website to order advance copies. As a head lit fiend I’ve already put my order in – for when it comes to serious lit business I always put my money where my big mouth is. As all the original zines were sold out months ago this is a chance for all you snooze and lose fruits to start maxing the credit cards. Go here:

Ridgwell Stories

And finally, but not least. Ridgwell Stories – the also long awaited Bottle of Smoke Press short story collection with stunning artwork by Jose Arroyo is due out very SOON. BOSP have recently, despite world events and a war torn Ukraine, confirmed this to be the case. Fiends have those credit cards to hand and monitor the BOSP website like a demented mother fucker. Go here:

*Warning. Several stories in the cosmic Ridgwell collection come with a certified government health warning. If you are sensitive of nature or just generally a bit flaky some of the tales could and probably will snap your mind. So think carefully before buying as the publisher and author do not want to be associated with any mental breakdowns precipitated by readers who should know better before dipping into the dark and frankly mind fuck side of fiction.

What else? What the fuck else – are you insane? There’s another global Milk Race just about to commence. Get ready Shandy lovers and feast your mince pies on this visceral beauty.

douple top