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Lit Fiend Interview


Fiends, check out an interview with myself at Martin Appleby’s In Pursuit of Expression blog. I can smell it in the air -revolution brothers – now read on and be freaked!

lit fiend interview


And remember to put Friday 26th Sept in your lit fiend diaries. (see flyer below)


Milk Race fans – use the Carol White pic above to race with your mates as I can’t be arsed to post an 8mm special for you screwball randy goats.

Tooting Free Press Has Arrived – Go Seek!

 Holy fuck, the Tooting Free Press just dropped through my letterbox, oh lucky dirty boozy barstardo! Do you also have a copy? If the answer is no then verily you must go out onto the streets of Old Smokey and nab yourself a copy of the most exciting publication since Bill Caxton cobbled together a piece called The Game and Playe of Chesse. For any self-respecting Man or Girl About Town it is this seasons must have, by any means necessary, accessory.  For men, walk into any boozer with this sticking out of ya back pocket and you will instantly morph into a fanny magnet and suave-like intellectual swordsman. For the ladies, walk into any saloon bar of any public house and you will be the envy of all your catty friends and be transformed into the thinking man’s crumpet or new Battersea Bardot!

Go seek lit fiends!

Joe R (A.K.A DBB)


June 2012

P.S The launch party is tonight at the Tooting Progressive Club, Tooting