Lost Elation, Brussels, Radio Panik, Ibiza and much much more…

Okay, Lit Fiends, gather round and listen in. Let me tell you all about my recent trip to the European mainland, to celebrate the publication of my latest book of poesy! I flew there on Friday morning, ate some fries with mayonnaise, a meatball the size of a cannonball, and downed five hundred Belgium beers.


This was how I was greeted at the airpot VIP style.


From the airport I was chauffeur driven to Brussels where I appeared on Belgium radio – click link below to listen to the interview – and then read at three different locations. I also stayed in a quirky loft apartment that had a glass floor, which after several Belgium beers, was a little unnerving! I have to say everyone I met was incredibly friendly and made me me feel like Brussels was home from home. Towards the end I even got used to the fact that Belgium men kiss each other when they meet, on the one cheek only. Anything else would be an extravagance! I also got to see the Grand Place and the little pissing boy. And also discovered there is a little pissing girl!

Many thanks must go to Tom Buron, who translated my poems, and Vincent and Cel for publishing them. Salut gentlemen and until June!

Now check out the beautiful book and then buy a copy!



You can purchase this beautiful book of poems by contacting Vincent at Angle Mort Editions direct langlemort.edition@gmail.com

The French Connection, Brussels Literary Mafia, & Señor Ridgwell

Radio Panik


And there’s more. My short-story – Ibiza – has just been published by East London Press. Check the pics, but this is one beautiful book guaranteed to enhance any Lit Fiends bookshelf. Set in the White island’s hedonistic haven of Sant Antoni, it features the heroes of my road novel Burrito Deluxe as they struggle to survive the glamorous perils of an early 1990’s Balearic summer.  It’s got booze, beaches, a babe, police brutality, narcotics, nightclubs, and a gut-wrenching tale of two ill-fated toothbrushes. All I may add is do not read while you are eating or drinking. To get your sordid mitts on a copy hit the link beneath the pic and start pumping those paypal buttons. (actually don’t bother, an act of futility – see below.)


*I’ve just received news from the publisher that Ibiza sold out in less than 48hrs, which must be some kind of small press record. Thanks to everyone who brought a copy, and to those sad and woebegone hipsters who missed out, like the old bard once said – the early bird do indeed cacheth de worm!


East London Press

Milk Race Avids – feast your debauched optics on this Super 8mm brain cruncher. One two, one two, oh to live on Sugar Mountain. With the barkers and the colored balloons
You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain
Though you’re thinking that you’re leaving there too soon