Chiron Review Summer/Fall 2018


Three of my poems are featured in the latest Summer/Fall edition of the Chiron Review. The poems are taken from my forthcoming collection of poetry – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel. (see pic below). The poems are – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel, Go Ophelia Go and Ghost. This is a double edition of the Chiron, featuring some great poets, inc the fab John Dorsey.

To purchase a copy go here: Chiron Review

Now, although I rarely watch the news or follow current affairs – I much prefer to spend my time watching old re-runs of Happy Days – it has come to my attention that Britain might be about to leave the EU. Well that may be the case, but as we leave Europe I’m going into Europe, and will be headlining at a reading at a nightclub in Brussels Belgium on the 26/27th April 2019. More details as and when or even if I can be bothered to update you fannies. Anyway, there will be two events to celebrate another book of poetry -LOST ELATION9 POEMES DE L’EXALTATION PERDUE- that will be published by these forward thinking individuals – Angle Mort Editions



Milk Race Fans. Stay Sane. I’ve still got some Super 8mm action in the vaults. Una dos tres – puff the magic dragon lived by the sea and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honahlee…
lady on chair