Ridgwell Forgery Alert!

by joseph ridgwell

Dearest Lit Fiends languishing in lonely bedsits all over the world, gather round and heed this warning! It has recently been brought to my attention that persons unknown are currently trying to flog copies of my novel – Burrito Deluxe, with forged Ridgwell signatures. Why the fuck would anyone want to do that sort of low life shit, I hear you weep. Well, as some of my sought after books are now worth two to three hundred pounds per copy, there’s money involved. And as you know, to some crooked members of society, the acquisition of filthy lucre is the be all and end all of their putrid little existence. Anyway, the good thing is the forger or forgetters are pretty shit and bear witness to the undeniable fact an individual’s signature is unique to theirselves, even childish scrawls like mine. Now, study the two signatures in the pics below. The first one is the forgery and the second a genuine Ridgwell autograph. The forger is unable to spell the date correctly, the 2 is significantly different, the R is totally wrong, and the little man drinking a pint of beer which accompanies most of my signatures is unrecognisable. So Lit Fiends be wary, be wise, and purchase signed copies of my book with great caution. Thou hast been warned. And to the inept forger who tried to make money out of poor old Ridgwell, go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!



Genuine article:


To purchase a copy of Burrito Deluxe – forgery free – go here: –Leamington Books



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