Burrito Deluxe – Book of the Week

Lit fiends, put your cider tins down, and gather round. Tomorrow – Saturday 26th November 2016 – I will be live and in person at the Scottish Design Exchange, signing copies of my novel Burrito Deluxe, which has been named Book of the Week. So, if you’re in the Edinburgh area, come along to Ocean Terminal in Leith from noon onwards and get a personally signed copy of the road novel to end all road novels. And remember if you join them you will always be at odds with them and everything they stand for! P.S There’s a free mannequin with every book sold! Get thee to Ocean Terminal in Leith or forever feel left out in the cold like a mug.


Milk Race Speed Freaks. Stay nimble-fingered.I never, ever forget you bunch of sad lonely tug-boat enthusiasts. Check out this High Res 8MM amaze ball loin-tingler! One, two, three, So fee, fi, fo, fum, look out baby coz here I come…