Outlaw Poetry & Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel

by joseph ridgwell


Okay – gather round lit fiends – as you are aware, languishing as you do in your cock-roach infested bedsits all over the world, my work is not the easiest to find or get your sordid mitts upon. My work has been published in a variety of small international artisan presses, and even by a tiny press on a small island in the Mediterranean, and you have to be in the know to know. Señor Pedro knows what I’m on about. Most are limited editions, one book was so limited that it run to 25 copies only. Some are long out of print and others are expensive and well beyond the means of a lowly down at heel lit fiend.

And yet fret no more fiends for every now and then Ridgwell goes back to the electronic format of yesteryear and some stuff appears in the online arena. Outlaw poetry is one of the more established online literary sites and boasts a roll call of bonafide outlaw and outsider poets and writers. Click on the link below to read poems from my 6th and latest collection – Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel – which hopefully will see the light of day sometime in 2017. That’s if I can find a publisher crazy enough to publish the fucker.

So click and read and let me know what ya think of my latest shit. Have I slipped, have I finally lost my mind, or as usual, have I got my A game on and remain at least 20 years ahead of the chasing pack!

Outlaw Poetry

Milk Race Aficionados. Stay sane and check out this 8mm stunner from the Fourth Emergency Service’s Top Gun room. One, two, three, is anybody going to San Antone or Phoenix Arizona…