Lit Fiend mail continued…


Lit Fiend Mail…Don’t cha just love it!

If any of you fiends want one of these Poems For All Saturday Night Specials then get in touch via the contact page of this site, or email, or shitter, or some other way. Just don’t go turning up at the door of Ranchlette Ridgwell as, like Greta Garbo, I want to be alone.

Just in case some of you fruits are not hip to the size of these fuckers then see the pic below which will give you a little illumination, via a size contrast. I mean, some of you might think they are an eight hundred page weighty tome, you know like the ones the mainstream keep pumping out at the moment that nobody reads! Mainstream, we, the readers just do not have the attention span or even the capability to read such lengthy books. You should have learned that from Moby Dick, or Clarissa – the History of a Young Lady – by Samuel Richardson. Just one look at those meaty fuckers is enough to induce instant myopia.

Anyway – here’s the pic…


Milk Race Fanatics. I’ll admit I’ve starved you bunch of perverted wankers. But keep with me and stay sane. Now, check out this Super 8mm eyeball cruncher!