Lit Fiend Mail Continued…

Fuck it, hardly a day goes by without more lit fiend mail arriving at Ranchlette Ridgwell, and more arrived today in the form of this handsome and most extravagantly produced journal. Copies of the journal are available in various art exhibitions in the People’s Republic of Derry or the Emerald Isle to you and me. Or you can go to their website for a copy, gratis, but also electronic. Abridged



Strangely not everyone is happy at this stream of never-ending mail. Dave the Postie for one.

‘My bag is getting heavier and heavier, have these people never heard of email?’

‘Dave,’ I said. ‘Email and anything electronic is anathema to these people. They deal purely in the printed page.’

‘Well, d’ya think ya might be moving anytime soon?’



Anyway, like I always say if ya don’t like your job then stop whinging and quit the fucker.Check the bio below to get some info on what I’m up to writing wise.



Milk Race Fans. Take a day off. Really you guys and girls are too much. Why not get out once in a while, get some fresh air. Maybe even take in a little Times Square action.

 Photos Of Times Square in The 1970s (13)