Lit Fiend Mail Continued…


This time I didn’t even let Dave the Posite put the fucker through the letterbox as I knew the contents of my latest Lit Fiend package contained a fragile item. As soon the footsteps and rustling of envelopes and packages hit my shell-like I jumped out of my festering pit and threw open the door of Ranchlette Ridgwell with a determined flourish.

‘No!’ I bawled.

Strangely, it wasn’t Dave’s hang dog countenance that confronted me but the pretty feminine face of Caitlin the Postess – (Caitlin filled in whenever Dave was hungover, again.) Is there such thing as a Postess? You know like how some women refer to themselves as a Poetess. To clarify – no there isn’t – too many S’s for one thing. Actress maybe or Air-Hostess, as these have a nice ring to them, but Poetess sounds absurd and so does Postess. Anyway, I digress, I grabbed the package from Caitlin’s startled hand.

‘Beat ya to it,’ I said.

Caitlin eyed me oddly. ‘Aye,’ she said.

I slammed the door shut and ripped open the package. Inside was Issue 10 of Nottingham’s Handjob Zine, including a spoken word CD. I’ve been monitoring the progress of Handjob from it’s very conception, and have been impressed and even illuminated by it’s rapid development. Hand Job has nothing to do with wanking – and I always wonder about the state of people’s mind if that’s the first thing that pops into them- It’s called Handjob coz it’s made by hand! And issue 10 is bang on! I won’t reveal the contents – for you can buy a copy here: Hand Job Issue Ten

Jim Gibson and Sophie Pitchford have gone all out with this issue, and no doubt more established zines will be looking over their shoulder and wondering what they can do to stop Hand Job’s irrepressible charge to the summit of the Lit Zine world!

Joseph Ridgwell



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