The Counter-Culture – What is it?

by Ridgwell Editorial Team



And who are they – the mainstream? Nobody knows and really nobody cares. Some fruits do things their way, while others do it theirs. Whatever floats ya boat as they say. And whichever way you look – it’s clique city in all directions, both underground and overground. Historically speaking the Counter Culture has been defined thus: A counter – culture is a subculture whose values and norms of behavior differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores.

The Beats were counter-culture, so were the Bohemians and the Romantics. But all that was a long time ago…


This all brings me to the 2nd volume of the Blackheath Counter Cultural Review. Only 100 copies printed and most already sold. Move fast to get your hands on a copy here – blackheath books

Inside this pretty book you will find commentary on Beat Generation figures, poetry, Scottish Heretics, ruminations on the internet, and poetry – (including six of mine) short fiction and some F.A.B artwork. And if that ain’t enough to get you pumping those paypal buttons, then word on the lit vine is that this might be there very last blackheath production to see the light of day. All things must pass – as George Harrison once sung, and verily they must, for a rolling stone does indeed gather no moss

(Anyone wanting one of the skull and crossbones ashtrays seen in the pics – all I can say is seek and ye most certainly won’t find…)


Milk Race Intellectuals. I’m here for ya, always. Think of me as the Fourth Emergency Service. Now you groovy wankers – zone ya optics on this Super 8MM eyeball cruncher! Grapes at the ready – Una, Dos, Tres – afternoon delight!

70's milk race