Pushcart Prize, The Cross & Other Lit Fiend Shit…

by Ridgwell Editorial Team


My short story – The Frozen Man – from Ridgwell Short Stories published by Bottle of Smoke Press has just been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Thanks to Señor Bill Roberts for that groovy gesture! I’ve often heard of people being nominated, but never heard of anyone actually winning the fucker! So let it be said here and NOW – that if the Frozen Man does win I will eat my lucky green bobble hat – literally. I might even eat my words – literally – maybe a chapter from The Cross or one of small press slim tomes…

Last Days of the Cross (Original Cover)

Now fiends, another date for your diary – January 4th 2016 sees the publication of the first instalment of the prequel to Last Days of the Cross – The Cross. The Cross will be serialised in zine format over three parts by Martin Appleby over at – Paper & Ink


And another reminder that I will appearing live and in person at Sophie Parkin’s Private Member’s Club this Saturday 19th December – alongside the mysterious and enigmatic HP Tinker – vout-o-reenees

Milk Race Fanatics – do not abandon hope and top yourselves in your lonely bedsits. I’m here for you bunch of depraved five-knuckle shuffle enthusiasts. Feast ya jaded optics on this 8mm crackerjack from the 1980’s. One, two, three, romancing the stone time…