Anti Literary Revolt – Lit Fiend Mail Continued

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Lit Fiends – the time for action is NOW! No longer can you sit in your woodlice infested bedsits, light up a twenty-skin apple bong – and murmur that everything is alright with the world. It’s time for a revolution you bunch of lovely low-life scum. Get with it and get on it. I can’t join in as I’m above all that shit, but you freaks need to get moving. The establishment – the powers that be are trying to twist your melons and you – as free thinking individuals – can in no way let the fuck ups get away with it.

It takes me a while to get on an action tip these days, but when I do – god help them…

Anyway, I digress. What this post is really about is – Ridgwell Stories – the publication of which by New Yorks Bottle of Smoke Press – has received little or no fanfare, but so what – so lets dance:

Have you stopped doing the mash potato? Okay. And to think in this day and age of plastic technology, plastic music and plastic people – lo – craftsmanship can still prevail. This gives us hope comrades. There are in this stinking shit pit of a life – rare individuals – prepared to sweat and toil to produce something beautiful. No more words are needed – just check out the snaps and feel bliss, or if a fellow small press publisher, green with envy. As for mainstream publishers, producing those pishy pulp paperbacks that no one reads, time to end it all me thinks. But do it at home and not at the nearest tube station. Nothing worse then heading home only to find that your train is delayed by up to 5 minutes because some useless prick has topped themselves.

Joe Ridgwell

Edinburgh 2015
















Milk Race Fruits – Have I ever let you bunch of wankers down, have I fuck. Feast your mince pies on this woodcut beauty. Una Dos Tres – do the Bartman…