Burrito Deluxe – A Novel

by Ridgwell Editorial Team


Its only taken 18 years, but my road novel – Burrito Deluxe – will finally see the light of day when it is offically released by Leamington Books on 15th October 2015. (see sequence of pics below for details of what is a beautiful looking cover.) Cover artwork courtesy of Jose Arroyo. Hopefully will have some signed originals up for sale in the next couple of weeks. (see pic below).

I’ve touched briefly on the strange backstory to this book – the dedication gives some idea – but the oft used Mark Twain cliche – truth is stranger than fiction – is in this instance very, very true!

Details of book launches will appear on these pages in the coming weeks – needless to say they will all be North of de border in Edinburgh. The novel was rejected by several English publishers with one cretin of a slush pile reader rejecting the book on the grounds that characters from council estates could not possibly be so well read. All I can say to that kinky fruit is I was and I am. Anyway England’s loss is Scotland’s gain as they say.

On a brighter note I would like to thank Head Honcho of Leamington Books – Peter Burnett – without whose hard work and faith in Burrito – it’s more than possible that the book would’ve never have seen the light of day.

Also like to give thanks to fellow writers – John King – Tony O’Neill – Jenni Fagan and Mark SaFranko

Burrito Deluxe – available from Leamington Books and all good independent book shops.

Leamington Books website: Leamington Books

P1000662 P1000668



And if, Lit Fiends – you’ve had it up to here with all things Ridgwell there is another book out on Leamington Books that is more than worth checking out – Cider Camp by Scottish King of the Underground – Craig Gibson. And at £5 a copy affordable to everyone – even you fiends stuck in bedsitter land and surviving off welfare and food banks.

cider camp cg

Milk Race Fanatics and Screwball Aficionado’s – Stay put. I’m here for you wankers. This is a pic from my personal collection – a Super 8MM still from the Beach of the Dead – Mexico 1996. Ah – those lovely Swiss Misses – wonder where they are now? One two three – start fracking!

beach of the dead 1996