Ridgwell Stories & Burrito Deluxe

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Ridgwell Stories

Lit Fiends gather round and feel spiritual and awakened. On the 31st July 2015 – Ridgwell Stories is to be published by New York’s Bottle of Smoke Press. To order a copy go here:


Peter Burrito yellow 6

You see I wasn’t lying and get this – the long awaited novel – Burrito Deluxe – shalt also be seeing the light of day in the next couple of weeks. To pre-order a copy go here:


During the marathon edit sessions of both Burrito & Stories – 48 to 72 hours straight thru at a time- odd one hour kip here and there – I experienced a literary breakthrough. Could’ve been sleep depravation – alcoholism – narcotic overload – but somewhere and somehow the breakthrough was made. I’m not sure I’d advise the methods used to gain such illusory advancements in one’s craft, but they worked for me. The dangers inherent are that the artist does not make it back and there were times when I wasn’t sure if I’d gone too far. To readers I say only this – buy a copy of the book, read -digest – and then make up your own minds. To write such stories you have to have lived them in some way shape or form. Cosmic Realism. Obviously none of these stories and even the novel are true, but they are based on real life events – especially in the case of Burrito, which is more or less a recollected account of a trip I took to Mexico in 1996. Everything happened as retold in the narrative and at the same time none of it happened. Maybe it was all a dream. Only those who were there know the truth. Me the writer, one of Britain’s Most Wanted – and several other minor characters, who may or may not be alive.


The back story to Burrito is as far-fetched as it sounds while the back story to Stories is a sad tale of sorrow and woe, leaving one independent observer to comment that the book was jinxed. Maybe the book is jinxed or the people involved with it’s creation and publication are. Whatever – all that will come out in the wash. In the meantime remember lit fiends that life is short and meant to be fun!

Joe Ridgwell – Edinburgh – Summer – 2015

Milk Race Fans. I’m here for ya. And to celebrate the publication of two fine books I’ve got a Super 8MM stunner straight out of my Top Gun Room. One – two – three – Kumbaya My Lord – Kumbaya…