Ridgwell – Stories – Arroyo

by Ridgwell Editorial Team


Yeah, lit fiends – I know it gets boring. Talking about a book for months and months and then years, saying it will be coming out on this date – and then still no book, and in the interim some of you have died. But go fuck yourselves – the book is due any day now. And although most of you are hitting the foodbanks every friday night – you are getting some counter-culture insider info that will one day prove to be gold dust. Read on you bunch of strange people –

10 deluxe copies, the Xilographia edition, Quarter-bound in Morocco and housed in a matching clamshell case.
Signed by Ridgwell and Arroyo, wtih extras only available in this edition.($200)

Expensive maybe, but less then the price of a Kings Cross tart – check the exchange rates of pound to dollar – believe me the book is cheaper – and you know once in the red phone box and scanning the birds on the cards – they do in no way represent the reality – take it from yours truly.

Anyway – I’ve posted the Arroyo prints, – fucking genius – and as for the writing – it will probably snap your mind, but don’t blame me, blame your conformist parents and the authorities.

Stay groovy lovely ugly things


Milk Race fans – do I ever let you down, do I fuck. Check out this Super 8MM Hi-Res 1980’s Catalogue beauty.

bra and panties hair/mua sabrina cayne model annalee

bra and panties
hair/mua sabrina cayne
model annalee