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As it is fast approaching festival season me and my fellow lit fiend – Joe England – Editor of the hugely successful PUSH magazine – were wondering why there wasn’t any literature on the subject. He asked me if I’d ever written a festival story or book and I had to confess that I’d never been to a festival in my life. As he has been to bundles I asked why he hadn’t written anything on the subject and he said although he had been to a fair few over the years he couldn’t remember anything about them. I’m not sure why that is, but there you go. Anyway – Bluebagger’s ears must been burning like Michael Jackson’s wet look afro on the Pepsi commercial – and verily the next day Dave the postie lobbed an entire novel based on that mother of all festivals – Glastonbury -through the letter box of Ranchlette Ridgwell!!  Actually Dave didn’t post the novel through the door as it was accompanied by another LONDON BOOKS classic – It Always Rains on Sundays by Arthur La Bern. No the cheeky fucker just left it on the doormat outside for any opportunist lit fiend to snatch. I’ll ave words with him later no doubt. I wouldn’t mind, but I was in at the time. I have not read either book, but you can be certain they will be brilliant in their own ways. The La Bern novel has an excellent and highly informative introduction by Cathi Unsworth and Ultraviolet A Glastonbury Tale a recommendation by none other than Quadrophenia legend Phil Daniels. Anyway I’d check out both of these latest publications from the ever reliable London Books:

P.S Apologies for the quality of the pic, the other book partially obscured by flashlight is May Day by John Sommerfield another London Classic to add to the bookshelf el pronto!

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