Lit Fiend Mail – The Chiron Review – Issue #99

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Lit fiend mail is F.A.B , especially when it is a package containing the latest edition of the Chiron Review containing work by me and and some excellent poems by fellow lit fiend – Jose Arroyo. Illegal immigrant septic tanks trying to sneak into Mexico is pure lit fiend gold. Contributors to the Chiron Review reads like a who’s who of counter culture writing. Don’t be pragmatic like some wankers and get a copy here:

It’s all happening fiends and if I sound a little aggressive it’s just recent news of the hero of my latest novel -Burrito Deluxe – has twisted my melons. He is now on the list of Britain’s Most Wanted. On the run – long may he run!

P1000497 P1000500 P1000499

Milk Race aficionados – I’ve got sad news – unable to get any Super 8mm action  – you’ll  have to rely on sexy Susan here. One, two, three – do the shuffle.