The Never Ending Story of Lit Fiend Mail

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Lit Fiend Mail – The Never Ending Story Continues. Check out what was thrust through the letterbox of Ranchlettte Ridgwell like the postie was unaware that the future of working class literature was contained within. Obviously I told the lowly-paid menial worker to be more circumspect with my mail in future, that’s if he valued his kneecaps. Despite my warning or maybe because of it the postie just smiled and waltzed off towards Leith seemingly without a care in the world. Oh well each to their own. Anyway, fiends, feast your mince pies on these beauties which have made it all the way from sunny California, courtesy of fellow renaissance man, Jose Arroyo. This artwork will adorn the covers of my latest collection of short stories to be published any day now by Bill Roberts at the super cool – Bottle of Smoke Press. Ok, I know I’ve said this before and in some dive bars and street corners the word went out that there isn’t any such short story collection and that my brilliant mind had finally snapped. All I can say is be patient, cometh the artwork cometh the collection. And if I find out who the perpetrators of this wicked gossip are then verily I shall call on the Faerie Boy of Leith and have them cursed.

So here they are – Arroyo busting out his knives – and producing the old woodcut magic!

P.S For those of you who keep asking – yes the Sean Connery Petula Clark chestnut is in one of the stories, but I’m not saying which one. You’ll just have to get your hands on a copy and read the fucker.






And milk race fanatics do not fear and get ready to unzip for I have a seriously fine tugboat treat for you wankers. Check out this high res, hi def, Super 8mm pictorial wonder. One two three – oh the okey cokey cokey!

Super 8MM