The Lost Hardbacks of Fire Island

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Fiends kept asking me – cornering yours truly on midnight blue street corners – placing a sweaty paw on my neatly coutured shoulder in the chill out room of exclusive Mayfair discotheques- pupils black as india ink whatever that is. ‘Ridgwell,’ they would breathe huskily – ‘where the fuck are the FI Hardbacks?’ This shit went on for years – two to be precise – until eventually I was forced to move cities and become a recluse. But hey guess what lit fiends? My hermit days are over for verily the fabled Fire Island Hardbacks are here – all eight of em!

Feast your eyes on this mother! (ignore the black stockinged feet, which rather detract from the overall aesthetic somewhat) These beauties are not even numbered – lettered – spelling out my name. Does this flatter my ego I hear you murmur? Don’t be obscure or even ancient and justified – for my ego is of such gargantuan dimensions that even Mount Kilimanjaro, eyes it enviously and feels inadequate.

fire island hb

 Wanna a copy – get in touch with the publisher – click the link below or seek out the fella on fake book – or failing that take a flying fuck at a rolling capsicum!

pig ear press

fi hb

And as it’s Christmas milk race avids I will not forsake thee. Here’s a little high res 8MM festive amaze balls action!

xmas porn