PUSH – The Future of Working Class Literature

by Ridgwell Editorial Team


Fiends – PUSH – The Best of the First Ten Issues – has arrived literally on my doorstep. Word on the lit vine is that this mother is selling faster than the recent re-release of the legendary Confessions of a Window Cleaner starring Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando & Dandy Nicholls.

But forget the fact that it will probably end up as the biggest selling anthology of all time focus more on the game changing introduction by John King. (Football Factory, White Trash etc). This mind-expanding cataclysm of a forward, which is worth the price of the excellent book alone, is a literary call to arms. And I quote –

‘In the 1990s, most British fiction was seen as belonging to the middle and upper classes. The situation is far worse today.’

How can this be – how is it that we – as a nation – have gone backwards?


Well, we have and the evidence is all around – from the posionous political landscape – vapid gentrification – legions of middle class families with no culture or community – to zero hour working contracts. And this is why PUSH is so refreshing. Fuck everyone and do it yourself – and despite all odds – succeed. In the same way that PUNK was refreshing for a moribund music industry – PUSH has the potential to do exactly the same for a bloated and catatonic mainstream publishing industry, although with one piquant differential. Punk – as an underground rock movement consisted primarily of middle-class youths rejecting middle-class values. In PUSH you have a collection of working-class writers & artists rejecting absolutly fucking everything.

And to quote the magnificent John King Forward one more time:

‘If someone asked me where a future Gerald Kersh, Alan Sillitoe or Irvine Welsh might be found, I would tell them to buy a copy of PUSH.’

With such a cast iron endorsement PUSH as a literary phenomenon can – to put it bluntly – no longer be ignored. Think Dada – minus the wealthy playboys. The word is out on the street fellaheens – you’re either with this nascent modern literary movement or simply out of time.

To buy a copy of PUSH – The Best of the First Ten Issues go here:


And so – as you waste your life in your lonely bedsit in Kilburn wondering maybe even fixating how you can hustle a little PUSH action – stop switching. Your first port of call is the PUSH Book Party. This promises to be one of those once in a generation events where people – decades later – swear they were at – even if they were over six thousand miles away or worse not even born! So get thee to Orford House, Walthamstow on Saturday 6th December – and get hip.

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Milk Race Fans – despite all the PUSH excitement – I never, ever, neglect you little wankers. Check out this 8MM screwball!