Review #1 – Cuba: In Search of Hemingway by Joseph Ridgwell

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Cuba Libre!


A Review of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba: In Search of Hemingway

by Gwil James Thomas


Turning the first page on the handsewn binding of Joseph Ridgwell’s Cuba In Search of Hemingway feels like something special. Like discovering the splintered edges of a treasure chest through sand. Or something you might unexpectedly luck on at the bottom of a box of Cuban cigars, holding it up and being wondrously captivated by it. But that’s all part of the charm. Like other titles of his works you may never find a copy – unless you’re really looking for it, or don’t act fast enough. This is also great for writers of less renown (like myself) who can claim that work isn’t reprinted it’s just rare and more collectable now. That said, there is a genuine collectibility about Ridgwell’s titles and in the case of Cuba; Brighton’s Pig Ear Press went the whole…

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