18 Years in the Making – Lit Vine Singing Like Billie Holiday on Acid

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Fellow Lit fiends – time marches on – and time waits for no man or woman or any creature of the animal kingdom. So, those on the margins wait a while – see what’s on the scene and then make their move. 18 years ago I had an idea to write a road novel – an anti modern life novel – based on an experience I had whilst travelling through Mexico. The idea was not original, but relevant – and today even more so. It’s time to disconnect.


Excerpt from the long awaited Burrito Deluxe – the words of which will self-destruct in less than 48 hours. 

‘There are other ways of living, other means of survival. We’ll find a remote stretch of coast, build a hut to live in, fish the sea, grow organic food, vegetables, write poetry, cultivate a herb garden.’
‘Shit, you sound like an old hippy.’
‘Maybe they had the right idea. Look at modern life, it brutalises and then clinically destroys. And everybody unhappy, stuck in the rat race, wage slaves, suckers one and all. What do they do, I mean look at how they live? Commuting underground in conditions not fit for livestock or stuck in endless traffic. Imprisoned in sweaty offices breathing re-cycled air, wired up to computers, staring at screens, surfing the web, pissing their time away on social networks, pawns for the marketing men and advertisers, consuming mountains of shit they don’t and will never need. The tide is turning brother.’
‘And just what direction is the tide turning?’
‘In the direction of absolute freedom. It’s time to switch off the computers, disconnection is imminent.’
‘Disconnection is imminent?’
‘I’m no longer prepared to be a pawn in their sick game. I’m gonna return to the land and the earth, where my forefathers came from. All that electronic gadgetry we’re supposed to own – it means zero to me. I’ll kiss goodbye to all that shit – live the simple life and choose my own way, with no one telling me what to do and when to do it. I’ll be free brother.’
‘Pure idealism.’
Ronnie folded his arms across his skinny chest, craned his neck forward, and peered into the falls.
‘So you say, but one thing is certain, I’m never going home and you’re either with me or against me.’
And what about me, did I want to go home? Did I want to disconnect? Maybe Ronnie was right, maybe we could survive in Mexico, maybe we could live off the fat of the land. Maybe we could survive without technology. Maybe we could.
‘I’m with ya.’

Beach of the Dead 96

Burrito Deluxe will be published by Leamington Books in June 2015. Until then stay connected.


Other news on the lit vine and there’s plenty of it  for verily that mother is singing like Billie Holiday on acid- is that the PUSH anthology is close to becoming a reality. East London Press have got on the case and mean business. Check out their website to order advance copies. As a head lit fiend I’ve already put my order in – for when it comes to serious lit business I always put my money where my big mouth is. As all the original zines were sold out months ago this is a chance for all you snooze and lose fruits to start maxing the credit cards. Go here:


Ridgwell Stories

And finally, but not least. Ridgwell Stories – the also long awaited Bottle of Smoke Press short story collection with stunning artwork by Jose Arroyo is due out very SOON. BOSP have recently, despite world events and a war torn Ukraine, confirmed this to be the case. Fiends have those credit cards to hand and monitor the BOSP website like a demented mother fucker. Go here:


*Warning. Several stories in the cosmic Ridgwell collection come with a certified government health warning. If you are sensitive of nature or just generally a bit flaky some of the tales could and probably will snap your mind. So think carefully before buying as the publisher and author do not want to be associated with any mental breakdowns precipitated by readers who should know better before dipping into the dark and frankly mind fuck side of fiction.

What else? What the fuck else – are you insane? There’s another global Milk Race just about to commence. Get ready Shandy lovers and feast your mince pies on this visceral beauty.

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