PUSH Comes Of Age – East London Press

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

PUSH 6 THE cover

Push Magazine – what more can I say about Europe’s best selling lit zine – sold on the street literature. Nothing – and nothing more needs to be said. For get this lit fiends PUSH has finally come of age and an anthology of the best of editions 1 – 10 is about to be published by East London Press. Even the fabled PUSH 8, which is currently swapping hands for 30-40 sovs on the black market – and which even I don’t have a copy. To the fiend who stole it from my flat – you know who you are.


And it is apt that a new London publisher will put out a book that is sold on the streets of London, primarily outside WHU’s Boleyn Ground. For really that is the real achievement of the literary phenomenon that is PUSH – getting football fans to read poetry on match day. Joe England – PUSH Head Honcho – should be given a knighthood just for that alone!

And one glance at the contributors to PUSH and it’s like a who’s who of cult writers, famous award winning author’s who walk on the wild side, and unforgetable subversive artwork.

Jenni Fagan, John King, David Peace, Michael Keenaghan, Roddy Doyle, Joseph Ridgwell, Ian Cusack, Joe England, Tony  O’Neill, Dan Fante, Jim Gibson, Adelle Stripe, Grant Fleming, UV Ray, Jose Arroyo, Kevin Williamson – I would go on, but my fingers are cramping up. Put it this way the list is pure lit fiend gold dust.

So fiends – I say get in quick – before the rest of the world catches on – which it will – but at least you can say that you saw it here first!

Publication – according to the East London Press online site is 1st December 2014 – but advance orders are welcome. Start maxing those credit cards!


And no -despite all the PUSH and East London Press excitement – I will never neglect you – my dear little Milk Race aficionados. Start tugging in tandem to this 8MM eyeball twister!

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