Be there or be square lit fiends

by Ridgwell Editorial Team



The Bell

On Friday 26th September The East London Renaissance brings a literary extravaganza to Old Smokey. Some of the UK’s finest literary and artistic talents will converge at the Bell Pub in Whitechapel for a night of mystical sexy mayhem . This is adults only – lit fiend only – the line up itself is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. There’ll be readings, art exhibitions, book and art sales, erotic cabaret, music. What more do you mothers want? And for those fruits with a weak constitution or sensitive nature we say stay away – don’t take any unnecessary risk with your fragile mental health. We don’t want any freak outs on our hands. The filthy illuminations start from 7pm onwards. Are you brave enough, experienced enough – do you think you can handle the pressure of raw emotion and honesty coming at ya like a midnight express! If so show up – pay jack shit (gratis) to get in – and be prepared to have your intellectual melons well and truly tested.

Joseph Ridgwell

Milk Race devotees I’m here for ya – you bunch of depraved weirdos. Check this 8mm mother out!

nudie alert