Lit Fiend Mail

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

lit fiend mail 5


Lit fiend mail – there’s nothing like it  to illuminate a sad hung over morn- and this week the eagerly anticipated PUSH 12 landed on my doormat along with another lit zine emanating from the same fiendish literary source – the aptly titled Paper & Ink – the creation of a one Martin Appleby. Along with these literary delights was a musical anthology by the late, great Kate Wolf. I won’t say much more about the heavenly Ms Wolf – for as with PUSH and Paper & Ink you’re either in the know or in the dark like a mushroom!

PUSH 12 Ode

PUSH 12 is another barnstormer with a truly erudite and utterly enthralling in-depth interview with Football Factory author John King. The interview alone is worth the modest price of this brilliant zine. John King is also a partner – along with fellow author Martin Knight of the ultra vital LONDON BOOKS. If head honcho of PUSH Joe England carries on in this dynamic fashion he’ll surely be heading for an MBE for services to sold on the street literature.


Ok – that’s enough from me here in El Scorchio Scotland – and, now hold on, easy, easy milk race devotee’s – here it is: