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by Ridgwell Editorial Team

the book that refuses to go away…


I’ve been reading some of the novels that have been written by a couple of our contributors lately and thought I’d give you the low down on them. They’re fucking mint!

Joseph Ridgwell – Last Days of the Cross

This is a novel about Joe’s time in Australia.

The story follows the alcoholic narrators quest for the book that’s inside of him, thinking everything that he sees will be his muse. This, however, as you probably can guess, is not the case. That is until he finds the most unlikely of women to adorn his adoration. Rosie is an aboriginal smackhead prostitute who he idolises, despite her constant thieving and the smell of cum on her. He works many a shit job to pay his rent and has some quite odd experiences that I wont ruin.

This book is well worth a read along with his poetry book ‘A Child…

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