by Ridgwell Editorial Team


Gather round all you sordid lit fiends – be you in the pub – the strip club – the lingerie department of your nearest BHS – stop all that sleazy shit at once – put your ears on and listen in:

PUSH 11 has now hit the streets and verily it is a scorcher – ideal to read late at night in bed when your partner wants to go to sleep. When he or she complains about the little light being left on – you – being a free-thinking individual – merely hold up the copy of PUSH 11 and say in doleful tones – Do you really want to contribute to the decline of Western civilisation or do you want me to carry on reading? Then tell the droopy-eyed philistine to put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Now, fiends I know what you’re thinking because I can read you fruits like the books you fetish over – where the fuck can a mother get their hands on a copy? Stop getting frisky – Go here:

 push magazine

This scinttilating interbellum edition features brilliant poetry, short fiction, artwork, and great interviews. Some of you, especially those of a cinematic bent have been harassing me about the film of the Child of the Jago literary event held in East London a while back. Well there is a film, but currently – like Victor Lazlo’s letters of transit in Casablanca – it has been lost in transit. Mother, I hear you say, but do not fear, for one day it is bound to turn up and once again your life will be worth living – so do not – I repeat – do not – suicide over this minor combobulation. Meanwhile get hold of a copy of PUSH 11 and read some in-depth interviews that were recorded on the night by Joe England and are transcribed for your reading pleasure in the magazine.

Joseph Ridgwell A Child Of The Jago_0002

The only other way to get a handle on that memorable night is to read a poem by Ford Dagenham that was inspired by actually being there:

inside joe ridgwell’s head

Now, one more thing – before I hit the bars of Stockbridge for some light refreshment – News on the lit vine is that a brand spanking new publishing venture is about to commence in Edinburgh. This, I can assure you, will be of interest to geniune lit fiends all over the world – and  will be coming your way via future posts on this site – and elsewhere online – in print – and via the best way of all -word of mouth. Stay tuned for more on this exciting literary enterprise.

Joe Ridgwell


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P.S To any pendant sitting in a roach infested bedsit somewhere who has the audacity to question if the words combobulation and interbellum have been used in their correct context – I say only this – question my syntax at your peril. The same goes for punctuation. As for spelling – now don’t test me