Kilmog Back Catalogue – Now Available

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

A treat for all you lit-fiends out there in bed-sitter land – The wonderfully esoteric back catalogue of the mighty Kilmog Press is now available for purchase – each book weighing in at the ridiculously bargain basement price of NZ $25!
Anyone fortunate to own one of these craft objects will testify to their unique beauty – for verily each one is a stunner. (lit fiends – look carefully and your mince pies might chance across a rare version of Urchin Belle by Jenni -The Panopticon- Fagan)

ACOTJ Spines

Those still trying to get their sordid mitts of copies of my books – Lost Elation – Indonesia & A Child of the Jago – click on the link below to be illuminated


Indonesia published by Kilmog Press 2011

lost elation spine

Also – fiends if summer is a season you abhor – then stayed tuned for news of a reading planned this autumn in the capital – an event not to be missed.

And no milk race devotees I have not forsaken thee – Check out the hi-res quality of this amazing pic. Under 18’s avert thy gaze.