Low Fi – Low Res – Cuba – In Search of Hemingway – Jago Film

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Nobody likes a slick operation, especially lit fiends, what we like is stuff that’s a little edgy, a little rough around the edges, we’re talking low fi low res. Slick equals cheese on toast.

And so here is some shaky footage of me reading from, Cuba – In Search of Hemingway. Note to fiends and wannabe writers, actors etc – check out the perfect pronounciation – fucking seamless. Lawrence Olivier eat ya heart out.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of this delightful underground production then contact the publisher at:


Or if you fancy yourself as a high roller then contact me at the contacts page of this website. I have five signed copies available for purchase at the princely sum of £20 each.

This hand sewn book is beautifully crafted and comes with a small letter pressed broadside of three of my long lost beach poems. The beach poems were composed on the indonesian island of Java in 1997. They came out fully formed just as they appear on the page. After this I went to Australia and never wrote another word for five years.

And for my loyal legion of milk race devotees, have no fear for I never, ever disappoint:


P.S – For all you fiends wondering if any footage from the Child of the Jago event at Orford House Social Club will see the light of day, then stay sane, for a film of the night is currently being put together by an elite independent film company. Interviews by Joe England, photos, and a poem by Ford Dagenham also included. Everyone who attended the unforgettable evening has been captured on film along with all the performers. So, stay tuned for more details and see yourself on camera…