A little bit of poetry, art & music in the night

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Ye Cherry Pey

Okay lit fiends, stay simultaneously groovy and sane, for an evening of poetry, art exhibition, adult cabaret and super sounds of Lord Monkfish is coming your way, if your way is East London that is.

ACOTJ back to back 2

A Child of the Jago

Lost Elation and the East London Renaissance proudly present an evening of poetry, art, and music. Featuring Joe England, Tim Wells, Joseph Ridgwell, & Martin Ridgwell. Alongside readings, Art Exhibition, Book and Art Sale, and music, will be films of old vaudeville acts and some adult cabaret. (no minors allowed). Canape sized pie and mash, jellied eels, cockles, whelks and winkles from Manze also provided. Entry fee is £4 on the door. (which includes a complimentary drink from the bar, none of that warm rotgut plonk normally served at these events.)  Be there or be grandiose…

widows son

Book and Art Sale

Alongside  copies of, A Child of the Jago, published by Kilmog Press, copies of all my blackheath books publications will also be available to purchase, including a couple of ultra rare, Where are the Rebels. So if you don’t have any of my blackheath books this is a rare opportunity to get hold of a copy, and if you do, but are looking at your old copy with sad eyes, it being all dog-eared, or water-logged from reading in the bath, then verily it’s time to replace the fucker! Artwork exhibited on the night will also be up for sale to the grooviest bidders. (see below)

This one off literary shindig will be held at Orford House Social Club on Thursday 20th March 2014, Doors opening from 7PM and closing just before the Devils Dancing Hour:

Orford House Social Club & Institute Ltd
73 Orford Road
London E17
020 8520 5687


martin-ridgwell-child-of-jago- final

As well as readings, there will be an exhibition of paper cuts and etchings by Martin Ridgwell and another artist as yet to be confirmed.

Truly, lit fiends Martin’s artwork has to be seen by the naked eye to be fully appreciated. How he manages to apply such a deft touch to the medium he works with is stunning, and if you have some spare bees and honey I strongly recommend getting your sordid mitts on an original.


News from across the Pond is that one of California’s finest poets, artists, and errant A/C men will also be included in the line up, a one Jose Arroyo. Confirmation of this will be posted shortly.

So fiends see ya on the 20th March and until then here’s some ultra hi-res girly action, a taster of what you’ll get on the night, to feast your peep freak eyeballs upon: