This post will self-destruct in 59 years…

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Yes, that’s right lit fiends, you’ve just over half a century to read this post before it self-detonates and disappears into the information highway ether…


First up is a bumper issue of the sell out street magazine PUSH  8. And even if I do say so myself this is possibly the best issue yet, with two FAB counter-culture interviews, which will be required reading for all lit fiends worth their salt if they profess to know their cult fiction onions. So, fiends, fiends, now settle down and stay sane. I know these magazines sell out within the blinking of an eye and you’re shitting yourself in case you’re unable to obtain one before they’re gone forever, but verily I can help you out, if you do indeed miss the Push boat and are left in the literary lurch. For do not fear Ridgwell is here. My one and only copy of PUSH 8 will be made available for sale, once the original print run has sold out and I’ve perused it myself, for the princely sum of 100 guineas, or a bag of sand to you and I.


note to pendants: If you are tempted to criticise, nay even deride the over use of cliche in this blog then go fuck yourself you useless navel-gazing can’t doer. The use of cliche here is deliberate and entirely justified for it’s oomph. The same goes for any spelling or grammatical errors, as like Rhet Butler, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a flying fuck! Ah, I can see them now – But mummy, mummy dearest he’s spelt pedant – pendant!’

Ridgwell Stories

Next up amigos is Lit Fiend mail. Fans of this globally popular blog, a big shout to Reg in Transylvania, will know that I love receiving lit fiend mail as much as I love Bombay Rolls. And verily the other day was a red-letter lit fiend mail day when another package from my fellow counter-culture hero Pepe Arroyo hit the doormat. Inside was a nifty sculpture that would easily win the Turner prize if it were to be entered, not that it will be entered as true lit fiends like us don’t need any establishment gimp to tell us how great we are as we already know we’re fucking great. Along with the sculpture was a test cut of the artwork that will adorn the cover of my next collection of short stories out in 2014 on Bottle of Smoke Press.

Preying Mantis


Feast your eyes fiends for verily it won’t be on here much longer


Joe R Buntyisland

P.S And for all you ravers and art lovers here’s a pic of the delectable Miss Diana Dors cuddling a real live tiger. They don’t make em like that anymore. Stay groovy and electrified!