Lit fiend Mail…Tooting Free Press

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Man, wasn’t sure I could make it thru another day without finding the nearest bridge and jumping, and then lo and behold more lit fiend mail did drop thru my letterbox, and verily like the proverbial Dj, it saved my life….There was other mail, bills, debt collectors, council tax, speeding fines, but I just binned them unopened as usual…tooting free press 2

Rip open the envelope and there it was, the long awaited, some fiends even told me they never thought they would see the day, arrival of Issue Two of the Tooting Free Press!

And if the first issue was good this one is even better, with some brain electrifying fiction courtesy of our old friend Dirty Boozy Bastard, thought bamboozling articles by Darran Anderson and Neil Palmer,and even a difficult as fuck,’Spot the War Criminal Competition,’ for try as I might lit fiends, I just wasn’t able to spot the fucker. Maybe you can do better. And get real, but there is even an article on the much neglected oscar-winning actress, Mary Millington, Norbury’s finest.

Accompanying this literary nut-cruncher, was another delicious indie press production, Inner London Buddha by the greatly missed, Mick Guffan out on Sick Fly productions an imprint of the mighty Tangerine Press.


Man, word on the lit vine is that issue deux might just be the last edition of the Tooting Free Press ever to appear IN THE WORLD! And if that is the case fiends I don’t just advise getting hold of a copy, it is your moral duty to get your sordid mits on this legendary counter-culture newspaper, for verily you owe it to the children of the future to do so, and just think in five hundred years from now it will be worth at least 4.6 billion dollars!

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And for all you groovy flower people and punks and bedsitters here is some more of the delectable Mary Willington for your viewing pleasure. On this occasion I’d advise against ideas of a milk race with your chums as that would be disrespectful to the deceased. Thou hast been warned. After all you don’t want to go to hell.