The Artwork of Pepe Arroyo – Bottle of Smoke Press

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

All lit fiends love lit fiend mail and since I’ve a been true lit fiend ever since I danced out of the womb in the 1970’s, I LoveLOVElove receiving bonafide lit fiend mail…Today the postman brought a special crack cocaine lit fiend treat in the form of a large airmail envelope. The elongated missive originated from California Stateside, and inside of which were several examples of the artwork and writing of Pepe Arroyo. Man I was blown away and if you deign to adjust your optics downwards slightly you might be to.

Arroyo Artwork

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Senor Arroyo has been assigned to do the artwork and illustrations for my forthcoming collection of short stories to be published by Delaware’s finest, Bottle of Smoke Press.

And as soon as I ripped open the padded envelope and saw the hidden gems contained within I gave the Gods of fate a knowing wink, for on encountering Pepe’s work I knew the Gods, if only for a brief moment, had smiled down on me.

Word is that Pepe’s writing and artwork will soon be thrust upon an unsuspecting  public in the not too distant future. Stayed tuned for more details as and when…

Other word on the litvine is that a new counter culture magazine will soon be hitting the streets, and will be containing work by me and several well known writers who walk on the wild side. And from what I gather lit fiends, it promises to be the start of another cult kick ass classic.

It’s all going cosmic screwball fiends and so to close out this post, here’s T. Rex and Cosmic Dancer.

Joe R


Vicki Park