how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death…

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Cookie Mueller (3)

You know we’re all gonna die, that much is certain, but it appears that some of us are already dead. walking stiffs. One shot is all we get at life and yet most of us are prepared to waste that shot so that we don’t starve. This is basic economics, and yet if you want to produce art, you have to go beyond basic economics. You have to literally starve for your art. It might mean going insane, committing murder, or unravelling a bold new flag. What it doesn’t mean is playing it safe, towing the line, or upholding the status quo.

What is a rebel? – A man who says no
mother an children
Some people think that their children are their art, but many, many people have babies, billions in fact. To procreate is standard. To produce a work of art, however is a rare and exceptional thing…

bear of tooting

Once upon a time in Tooting, I found the Bear of Tooting in his lair. Described thus:

In one corner, a cigarette and drink stained wreck of a settee, in another a large wooden table covered with papers, books, magazines and dusty computer equipment. The ancient carpet, the original design of which had been obliterated by years of wear, dirt, and grime, was dotted with unwashed dishes, congested ashtrays, busted up footwear, outer garments, more books, dirty mugs, cups, glasses.There was stuff going all the way back to the 1960’s, Blacksparrow, LouJohn, Charles Bukowski’s early poetry, several volumes of Rebel Inc, both Fantes,Yosano, Harry Crews, Jim Burns, Alan Dent, Crumb, Lynd Ward, Behan, Beckett, a couple of bios on John Osborne & Sam Peckinpah, various Beat Generation literature, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, William Wantling, on and on it went, right up until the present day, with bundles of contemporary literature, magazines, chapbooks, broadsides, even the odd book mark…

They are out there, lit fiends, all you have to do is open your eyes…

Joe R

bunny meeks