The Laugharne Weekend

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

Ridgwell 2012 633


Okay you bunch of sub-human and yet ultra groovy lit fiends, the Ridgwell will once again crawl out of the hole he currently resides in, at this juncture, Burntyisland in Fife, and sojourn way out West. Yes, I’m going to do a reading, and as Ridgwell readings are as rare as hen’s teeth, the word on the streets is that any self-respecting lit fiend should get the fuck down to Dylan Thomas’s booze sodden boat house. Of course the choice is yours as we live in a free country, I think. Don’t go and nobody will give a fuck – do go, and you’ll have something to tell the grandchildren in your dotage. And yet if you do go be sure to give out some rays otherwise melons will be twisted maybe even some drinks spiked. But only in a hippy, peace, love and tibetan book of the dead, timothy leary, turn on, tune in and fuck right off harmony vibration. Click the link beautiful, ugly strange folk to get with it and dig it…nice….

Blackheath Books | Laugharne Weekend

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