by Ridgwell Editorial Team

A short story of mine appears in this groovy new short story anthology, out now from 3AM Press, read on for more details or stick a rubber hose up your nose. The choice as the man says, is yours…

Or for you rebel lit fiends who refuse to buy ebooks out of some misguided devotion to the outdated format of ye olde paper, fear fucking not comrades, for verily, a pretty little chapbook containing the short story will also be published by 3AM Press next month…I know that’s a long way off and you’re not sure how you’ll cope in the interim, but there’s nothing more I can do to help. Unlucky and I do feel for you and your pain.

Volume 1 of our new travel journal, PAR AVION, is released…


From a romantic encounter in Cuba to a night train heading from Berlin to Paris, and from buying alcohol (with difficulty) in India, to navigating the social etiquette of the Arabian Peninsula, the travel stories collected in the first volume of PAR AVION inspire exploration of the world off the beaten track, challenging barriers and boundaries, both physical and social. With work from authors Francine Elena, Adam Biles, Sara Grady, Anna Aslanyan, Joseph Ridgwell, Chris McKeon, Raoul Colvile, Jamie Otsa, Kirill Kobrin, Dylan Trigg, Joanna Walsh and edited by Christiana Spens.

Buy in the UK here, the USA here, France here, Germany here, Italy here, Japan here, and Spain here

Photograph taken in Le Marais, Paris, Summer 2012 by Christiana Spens

Graphic Design by Will Stewart

famous ice-cream run II