Joe Englands Top Ten Books 2012

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

last-front cover


buddha bar inside cover

Rebel Lit Fiend, Joe England, has compiled a top ten list of super groovy books he has read or re-read this year. Last Days of the Cross and The Buddha Bar are nestled in there amongst some stellar literary creations, East End hardmen, and my book of the year Jenni Fagan‘s, The Panopticon. Click on the link below to be illuminated fellow lit fiends…

Joe England Books: 10 Books

Meanwhile back in the Burntisland Jungle I’m still on the search for a copy of Fire Island, if anyone knows of the whereabouts of one please feel free to drop me a line at: The Shack @ Shack City.

Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie

And while we’re on the subject of best books read this year I feel an urge to add another cult classic to the list. The book in question, is Fast Down Turk by Jeanne Bernhardt, published by the enigmatic and legendary, Kilmog Press. Not only is it a beautiful book to behold, the writing contained within the work of art is solid gold. It’s a druggie tale narrated and written by a woman who compared to the familiar male orientated drug lit, is operating at one hundred and fifty miles an hour, while the others plod along in the slow lane. In fact I’d go so far as to say the prose is so intense and insidious that the unsuspecting lit fiend might just have a whitey reading the fucker. Thou hast been warned! ‘Where the fuck do I get my hands on a copy?’ I hear you bawl. Well, as all good lit fiends know, Kilmog Press books are notoriously hard to get hold of, but seek and ye shall, if lucky, find.

Fast Down Turk – Bernhardt, Jeanne

Enough blather from me as it’s time to venture outside for a walk by the light of the moon.

Joe R


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