Tooting Free Press

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

For all you hipsters, beatniks, mods, and lit fiends TOOTING FREE PRESS  is now available from the following retail outlets:

    Tooting Progressive Club, London (England)
Water Row Books, Subury, MA (USA)
Rebel Inc Bookshop, Edinburgh (Scotland)
Cornerhouse Bookshop, Manchester (England)
Commonist Gallery, Leeds (England)
Resident Records, Brighton (England)
Rounder Records, Brighton (England)
Red Roaster, Brighton (England)
The Cowley Club, Brighton (England)
Jubilee Library, Brighton (England)
Duke of York’s Cinema, Brighton (England)
The Book Collector, Sacramento, California (USA)
Housmans Bookshop, London (England)
Stupido Record Shop, Helsinki (Finland)
Shakespeare & co, Paris (France)
La Belle Hortense, Paris (France)
Mascara Bar, London (England)
Shilalipi Bookstore, Kolkata (India)

Now, I can just picture some freak in India picking up a copy of TFP and reading the Diary of a Dirty Boozy Bastard,at exactly the same time as some equally freakish boho picks up a copy in the Mascara Bar in London. And then, like telepathy, each individual drops down dead of a cardiac arrest. Tragic for them but the TFP lives on…

Joe R