Fire Island Hits the Streets

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

To say, as a writer, I’ve been blessed with the sort of publishers who publish my work would be an understatement. From the very first, Blackheath Books to Kilmog Press, Tangerine Press, Bottle of Smoke Press and GJ Press, each and everyone has been a joy to work with. And now with my latest collection of poetry, you can add, Pig Ear Press to that venerable list of indie greats. Pete Lally has come up with the goods, with a lovely slim volume that is Fire Island. Of course, you will have to purchase a copy to make a judgement and you can do that by clicking on the link below or on any of the pics. And be quick, for there are only 25 of these mothers and you don’t need to be Liberace to realise that’s not many!

Also, how these poems ever came to be is an interesting story in itself, which is partly explained in the intro to the book.


As for the writing contained inside this beautiful piece of art, again you will have to read to make a judgement. That’s your call. All I know is that although I’m still poorer than a church mouse’s tittie, in some aspects of my life I’m very rich indeed.

Joe R



And now, lit fiends, some more pics to get you in the indie lit fiend groove. Enjoy!

Ah, and after what I consider to be the best night of poetry since Homer pegged it, I feel a hair of the dog is in order. For life is meant to be fun, so enjoy yourself as it probably much later than you think…

Viva the Betsy Trotwood, viva poetry, viva poems, viva pig ear press, viva pete lally, viva fire island, viva cape verdi, Senor Curran and Joan Jobe Smith, Fred Voss, me, Jenni Fagan, Adelle Stripe, Sophie Cameron, Tim Wells!