Three Books to Read before 2012

by Ridgwell Editorial Team

I was given these books, or discovered these books during the recent festivities, and can highly recommend all three. They are effortless reads, easily devoured between now and the new year if you have a few spare hours to indulge yourself in literature.

Although primarily known as a novelist, Lawrence was a master of short fiction, and a more than capable poet…

Ever wondered how the son of a hot shot Hollywood screenwriter ends up driving a cab in New York, intent on self-destruction via booze, hookers, and madness? Grab a copy of Dan Fante’s exhlirating new book, Fante a Memoir, a family’s legacy of writing, drinking, and surviving to find out… A must have for Fante fans!

The fascinating tale of Robin Friday, Readings greatest ever footballer!

Happy Hogmanay.

Joe R